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German Traditions

You think the Octoberfest is the only big german thing we have going on and the Dirndl is the only thing to wear? There are a lot more lovable, but also weird german traditions.
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Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten


Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten | Inkognito

Roten Funken Karneval Köln

Hier tanzt die Marie der Roten Funken

AMP DESIGNMANUFAKTUR: Von der Skizze zum Dirndl - Krüger Dirndl

AMP DESIGNMANUFAKTUR: Von der Skizze zum Dirndl :)

von Meine Svenja

Ganz einfaches Quarkbällchen Rezept

While Karneval is widely known, this pastry is typical for the "fifth season" in the Rhineland. It's called "Kräppelchen". But actually you can't be really sure about that, since every region of germany has it's own name for it, and every region claims that their name is the right one.

Ganz einfaches Quarkbällchen Rezept

Kids that are attending their first year in school get a "Schultüte", which is filled with candy, small toys and school materials. Often parents craft them theirselves.