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petra friess
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petra friess

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Schöne Foto Idee für den Valentinstag oder auch zum Vater- oder Muttertag Mehr

Parents Kissing While Holding Children Upside Down

Parents Kissing While Holding Children Upside Down Mehr

super cute. would be really good one to do if siblings were a boy & girl. Mehr

Kids laying in a field while the parents hold a red picture frame kids covering their eyes while their parents kiss so cute Live Oak family photos - Live Oak Photographer - Jacksonville Photographer - Tonya Beaver Photography022 Mehr

Caleb and his step dad... Technical: 1. Lighting: Daylight. 2. Composition: Vertical and horizontal creates linear crosses. 3. Rule of thirds crop creates diagonals with the eyes! Aesthetic: 4. 5. Excellent juxtaposition of body sizes. 6. Duplication of body position adds humorous mimicking. 7. Message: A man to look up to and emulate. 8. A really loving shot. Wonderful Step-father idea…

So unterschiedlich kann Geschwisterliebe sein :-D Mehr

staunen...immer wieder staunen.... Mehr über sein Kind erfahren bei Mehr

Ein besonderer Effekt durch die Weihnachtskugel! Mehr