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Staatstheater Nürnberg - Und dann kam Mirna von Sibylle Berg Premiere: Samstag 15.10.2016 Kammerspiele Hat man Kinder kommt alles so wie man es sich absolut nicht vorgestellt hat! Sie die Mütter sind Mitte/Ende 30 oder Anfang 40 alleinerziehend in klassischer Paarbeziehung lebend oder hartgesottene Kommunenbewohnerinnen. Die glanzvolle Karriere ist ausgeblieben. Stattdessen kommt schleichend die Erkenntnis erschütternd durchschnittlich zu sein. Aber wie das Leben noch einmal in die Hand…

Erziehung: "Viele Eltern lassen sich vom Kind steuern" - Es droht uns eine Generation entwicklungsgestörter Kinder, die nur noch nach dem Lustprinzip funktionieren, warnt der umstrittene Kinder- und Jugendpsychiater Michael Winterhoff im Interview.

Charlie Bartlett (2007) Robert Downey Jr. :)

Before I had kids, I knew exactly what kind of a mother I wanted to be. You know, the kind of mother who kept a perfectly clean house, who served delicious and nutritous meals, who had fun with her kids and never raised her voice. I wanted to be a super-mom. I wanted to be […]

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Overwhelmed Mom and The Mom Funk

Lately I’ve been noticing that I’ve been in a funk…a Mom Funk. I’ve been a bit blah…kind of lazy…and not very productive. I spend too much time looking at

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7 Self-Care Tips for the Highly Sensitive Mom

You may not be able to escape the chaos that is motherhood, but these tips will help your days flow with more ease and less overwhelm

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To The Overwhelmed Mom

A Letter To The Overwhelmed Mom


I ran on empty for a long time when my kids were little. I wouldn't recommend it. It's hard to be a good Mom when you aren't taking care of yourself. I was angry overwhelmed depressed and unhappy. by robinmcfadyen


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A good mom has bad days & great days & normal days & overwhelming days & perfect days & trying days & supermom days & just being a mom days & a whole lot of love & real & crazy motherhood days. ~Rachel Martin (Original Words from my new book Brave Motherhood)