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Übelkeit Was Tun

This is what you Trump Turds voted for and what those who voted 3rd party or didn't bother at all helped to do to our country. Don't you DARE all yourselves Christian or intelligent!! YOU ARE NOT!


As Trump Rises, So Do Some Hands Waving Confederate Battle Flags

As Trump Rises, So Do Some Hands Waving Confederate Battle Flags -


"Now we get to hear Republicans spend four years saying that obstructing a president is 'unpatriotic,' after they spent the last eight years doing just that to Obama." #obstruction #hypocrisy #Republican

Oh sure, we climbed one of the towers, but within minutes our tighs were on fire and nausea had set in. By the time we reached the top I wanted to cry and laugh at the same time but was too out of it to do either.

von Das Elternhandbuch

Was tun bei Magen-Darm-Erkrankungen?

Was tun bei Magen-Darm-Erkrankungen? - Bauchschmerzen, Übelkeit, Erbrechen und Durchfall – wer Kinder hat, bleibt von Magen-Darm-Erkrankungen nicht verschont.

von Angelika Keil

Was tun bei Heuschnupfen?

Frühlingszeit – Heuschnupfenzeit: Was tun bei Heuschnupfen? Kennst Du das auch? Heuschnupfen Laufende Nase Husten Hautausschläge Juckreiz Kreislaufprobleme Übelkeit, Durchfall und Erbrechen? …

(Yay! I learnt how to do a screen shot :0)) I have just done another blog post about my #wellspell. I say well.... POTS was still playing up but my mast cell nausea went for three days. It was lovely. Predictably I am now back in the fug of #nausea. I did too much and actually thought I was better in those three day. Duh. Accepting-REALLY accepting #chronicillness is so hard. I should have limited what I did when I felt well. I should have stayed realistic. To be fair I did better than I…

Übelkeit: Hausmittel gegen Übelkeit mit / ohne Erbrechen


stomach pain/christmas/job/fires - Jesus thank you for me having a few days off work but I have had serious stomach pain and nausea. Please let me feel better. Also, I have no idea how I am going to get the kids anything for Christmas, nor put my daughter in drivers ed like I promised her. I also am so scared about my job situation. I was doing better on Wednesday and I messed up really bad again and I dont think there is anything that can save my job at this point. Please let my boss give…


10 High-Cholesterol Foods to Avoid

If you are worried about high cholesterol, here are some high-cholesterol food choices you really need to avoid. Learn about lower-cholesterol alternatives.