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After an eight long day of exhaustive sea voyage across the Barents Sea in search of King of Arctic, the polar bears (Ursus Maritimus) on drift ice around Spitsbergen, Svalbard Archipelago in Norway. The rough sea got me into serious sea sicknesses, feeling of nausea and sleepless nights. In the evening we went through Heleysundet in a narrow sound between Kükenthaløya and Spitsbergen. It is known for its violent tidal races. We checked an area where we had seen a Polar bear earlier in the…

today alllll the pregnancy symptoms hit. waddle walk nausea headaches swelling you name it. decided to treat myself to a fancy braid and spend the rest of the evening avoiding the view of my ankles #treatyoself @hairbyallih by brittblackbird

There are relatively few side effects associated with evening primrose oil. The most commonly noted evening primrose oil side effects are: nausea, headaches and an upset stomach.

In "What Did You Say?" author Monique Hammond describes the frightening and debilitating experience of the onset of an inner ear disorder. While teaching a pharmacology class, she suddenly lost the hearing in her left ear. Later that evening, she had a vicious attack of nausea and vertigo. Ending up in the local emergency room, she was then sent through one testing procedure after another, all without a definitive diagnosis. Eventually, she was most prominently identified w


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“I'm going to leave, I'm going to take my train. But behind the existence which falls from one present to the other, without a past, without a future, behind these sounds which decompose from day to day, peel off and slip towards death, the melody stays the same, young and firm, like a pitiless witness.” ― Jean-Paul Sartre, Nausea

Ocean - 1 | Megan - still 0 Even if my nausea meds didn't work it was still the most gorgeous evening with the best crew! by meganwelker