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Zuse Z1

The very first computer.... 1936. Took over 45 years to catch on. Guess nobody thought pinterest was going to exist either.

1936 - Konrad Zuse creates the Z1 programmable calculating engine

Scan of an old press clipping (with original caption). Konrad Zuse (1910-1995) was one of the great pioneers of computing technology. Between 1936 and 1938 he quit his job to build his first computer, the Z1, a programmable binary electrically drive Wanting to know how to plan for your retirement and ensure you are financially secure. A retirement planning guide is a must. Click the link below to prepare and plan for your retirement


On June 22nd 1910, Konrad Zuse was born. Technically, there is no single inventor who created the modern computer, but if you had to give the title to someone it would be Konrad Zuse. Zuse invented the first binary computing device, which he called it the “Z1.”


Probabil că una dintre cele mai importante date din istoria calculatoarelor a fost anul 1936. Atunci a apărut primul computer. A fost creat de către Konrad Zuse și se numea Z1. Această mașinărie a fost unul dintre primele sisteme care se puteau programa.


Top 10 Predictions About Technology That Couldn't Have Been More Wrong

Top 10 Predictions About Technology That Couldn't Have Been More Wrong - “I think there is a world market for maybe five computers.” — Thomas Watson chairman of IBM, 1943.

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Inventors of the Modern Computer (Konrad Zuse)

Konrad Zuse s Z1 Circa 1938