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Zack Baker ~ Zacky Vengeance. That smile! o3o


He's the most important ❤ ZACKY VENGEANCE ❤ The most perfect man in this earth!

He's so beautiful :3

Zacky Vengeance


Zacky Vengeance ~ Avenged Sevenfold

“Hey Butterfly, how you doin’?” “Zacky!” Gabby squealed, excitement in her voice as she straightened up and grinned back at her husband. “Oh my God, I’ve missed you so much, baby…” “Yeah, I’ve missed you too…” Zack nodded, Rae moving out of the chair she was sitting in and offering it to him. “I’ll leave you guys to catch up, just keep it clean…” She told the reunited couple, winking playfully before she walked out of the kitchen leaving Zack and Gabby to talk.