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18 stunningly beautiful pictures of Amsterdam

Amsterdam... Imagine a cold night walk. Wearing a black dress with a coat on top and some long boots. While you walk from Amsterdam to Haarlem or Lijnden you smoke a cigarette or a cigar while you talk life with your companion. And you look at your surroundings and wonder if you reached heaven yet.....

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Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS) (Amsterdam Airport Schiphol)


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The Ultimate Bucket List Amsterdam

I had the time of my life in Amsterdam. It truly is an amazing city and for any of you that are planning to visit it - I've compiled a bucket list that is completely doable in 2-3 days and is super fun. I will touch on a few of the points and then you can download the bucket list at the end of the post for the rest! 1. Rent a Bike Amsterdam is famously known as being the 'biking capital of the world' and for good reason! I've never seen so many bikes in all of my life. There is…

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Die Lehrstellenbörse des AMS

Unter "geführte Suche" kannst du nach einer freien Lehrstelle suchen.

Die BIZ-MitarbeiterInnen des AMS beantworten Ihre Fragen zu Beruf, Aus- und Weiterbildung sowie zu Arbeitsmarkt und Jobchancen.

Zentangle, Letter O, Zebra Letters, name, bunting

Zentangle Letter O Zebra Letters name bunting von ForeverTangles

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The BBP formula: If we would like to compute a particular digit of , the techniques outlined above require us to compute all the digits that come before using high-precision arithmetic. In the mid 1990's, a remarkable new formula for was discovered by David Bailey, Peter Borwein, and Simon Plouffe (BBP).

#AMS establish in 1996, started its root in #Singapore with the registration of Asia Metal Solutions Pte Ltd (AMS Singapore). We supplies #aluminum #rods & #bars, #coils & #sheets to our customers in various industries. Visit us at Contact us at +607 362 7030

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