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Mortal Instruments, Harry Potter, Divergent, Percy Jackson, the Huger Games


OMG! Theo and Shai like Harry Potter??? THIS IS WHY THEY'RE AWESOME!!


the fault in our stars and divergent meme - Google Search


Emma Watson, Jennifer Lawrence, Lily Collins, and Shailene Woodley


Tyron Woodley - Official UFC® Fighter Profile

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Dr. Albin Wallace on

independent education consultants

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What those extreme temperatures look like on the ground

The United States set 1,924 new high-temperature records last week. Here’s what these hotter temperatures and shifts in weather systems look like to the people experiencing them.

Hot N Juicy Crawfish - Back of the menu - Washington, DC, United States


EXCEPT percy Jackson, I looked up to Rick Riordan more then ANYONE... I understand ppl have different opinions, but to put THAT in a book he KNEW 2nd graders read is sick. He let me down beyond compare and made me have to give up something I LOVED AND GREW UP WITH... and he doesnt even care about his little 12 year old fan who now will never be able to read that last page and be with Percy to the end. I hate that man. He doesnt care about his fans innocence>>>> what just happened here?? What…