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Exploring Science Inquiry Skills

Hands on activities for Science Inquiry skills. Such great ideas for exploring the senses, the scientific method, and tools.

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Questions to use during inquiry work, to encourage deeper thinking .....Follow for Free 'too-neat-not-to- keep' literacy tools fun teaching stuff :) More

Science Inquiry Cheat Sheet from Stephanie Elkowitz on - (6 pages) - A free excerpt from the Science Inquiry Unit!


Water Flea with eggs - Daphnia pulex - This most common species of water flea belongs to the family Daphiniidae. It has a cosmopolitan distribution in a wide range of aquatic habitats, although it is most closely associated with small, shaded pools and lakes of an oligotrophic nature. (Their range extends across most of the world - Americas, Europe & Australia - in appropriate habitats, most of which offer little by way of nutrients)

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Exploring Science Inquiry Skills

Mystery bags for exploring sense of touch! Love this idea for understand science and how to make observations. Perfect for teaching adjectives too!

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Root Beer Float Science Inquiry Lesson Plan & Handout - Solid, Liquid, Gas

This is a lesson plan and handout for a science inquiry on solids, liquids, gases. Students will create a root beer float and see the three states of matter. The lesson plan has a daily target, steps, materials you will need, extensions, videos, and more!

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Orange Buoyancy Science Experiment

Make an orange sink and float! I love that this activity uses just a couple common household ingredients.


Inquiring Minds: Mrs. Myers' Kindergarten: Inquiring About What Makes Something…


11 Awesome Science Experiments Your Kids Will Love To Try

Science for Kids: Gummy Bear Science Great for inroduction of variables {Would e great for getting students used to recording observations, etc)