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German Chemtrail Watchers German Chemtrail Watchers 14 Std. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COPD die unbekannte Volkskrankheit Chemtrails keine Verschwörungtheorie Posted on May 7 2015 by COPD die unbekannte Volkskrankheit Die schwerwiegenden gesundheitlichen Folgen des Chemtrail-Programms haben jetzt offiziell einen Namen: COPD die unbekannte Volkskrankheit WUSSTEN SIE SCHON DASS Der Himmel über unseren Köpfen nachweislich seit Frühjahr 2003 (möglicherweise schon seit 1999) mit einer…

Created in 1780, it is a major venue for national events. This park extends from the École militaire to the Eiffel Tower and is accessible day and night as it is not enclosed. It offers a wonderful view of the capital’s most famous monument; whatever the weather, people come to picnic, play music, meet up, and at nightfall ... to watch the tower sparkle with lights.


#1 Frozen Cars Along Lake Michigan Chicago is experiencing a record freeze of -16 degrees farenheit; people with cars just have to stay home and wait it out, as the roads are icy and many vehicles are frozen solid!


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riding a bike with your friends is really a fun in warm and sunny is actually quit can get tour around the zurich lake while you riding a bike with your friends.on this cycling tour ,you will experience the wonderful highlights of switzerland.