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Why do older women have short hair

Why do older women have short hair? | That's Not My Age


What the grownups are wearing in London: the fabulously silver haired Professor Wendy Dagworthy, head of Fashion at the Royal College of Art, wears a black Alpaca coat designed by her friend and colleague English designer Betty Jackson, Cos dress and Betty Jackson “ruffly thing”  with gleaming gold brogues from Zara, Prada bag, and her signature armful of bracelets and jet earrings.  Photograph by Jane de Teliga


Wendy Dagworthy, head of the school of fashion and textiles at the Royal College of Art

'I wasn’t really a clubber myself,' says Wendy Dagworthy, 'but I could definitely see the influence coming from them, from people who would spend much of their week planning what to wear on Saturday night'


Wendy Dagworthy is widely acclaimed as a fashion icon of our time by global _