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30 Crazy Good Puppy Chow Recipes

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Peppermint Bark Puppy Chow

Peppermint Bark Puppy Chow - Your Cup of Cake


Sugar Cookie Puppy Chow

No-Bake Sugar Cookie Puppy Chow


30 Crazy Good Puppy Chow Recipes

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Chocolate Churro Muddy Buddies

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Thin Mint Puppy Chow

Puppy Chow Recipes! Put this puppy chow in a jar or container of your choice, tie a pretty ribbon around the container and give it to some lucky person for a great DIY gift!

Cake Batter Puppy Chow

Cake Batter Puppy Chow | Fresh April Flours


Andes Mint Puppy Chow. These look delicious, can't wait to make these!! Brownie mix is in the recipe too, yummmmmy!


15-Minute Puppy Chow

PUPPY CHOW - ½ C peanut butter; ¼ C butter; 1 C semi-sweet chocolate chips; 1 tsp vanilla; 9 C Rice Chex; 2 C powdered sugar - Add cereal to large bowl with plenty of room to mix. Set aside. Place peanut butter, butter & chocolate chips in microwave safe bowl & microwave on high 1 minute. Stir until smooth. Add vanilla & stir. Pour over cereal & toss/stir to coat evenly. Pour powdered sugar over cereal. Stir/Toss to coat evenly. *Linked recipe says 1 ½ C sugar, I use 2 C.


Peppermint Bark Puppy Chow

Peppermint Bark Puppy Chow / Muddy Buddies... Never too early for Christmas recipes!