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Kernlose Tafel-Traube 'New York®', 1 Pflanze - BALDUR-Garten GmbH


Vitis vinifera Kishmish Luchistyi - kernlos und langtraubig - süße Rosé-Weintraube - Weinrebe -


Kernlose Tafel-Trauben 'Vanessa®' Weinreben rot, 1 Pflanze, Vitis vinifera 1

Catawba is a spicy flavored, red slip-skin grape. Clusters are medium to large and well formed, fruit is medium sized, round and purplish red with a distinctive flavor. The flavor is both vinous and slightly foxy. Catawba is a very good table grape, excellent for jams and jellies, and often used for wine and sweet sparkling wine. Catawba has been grown in the eastern United States for over 150 years and was the major variety used for winemaking in Ohio prior to prohibition.


Verschlungene, kupferne Weinreben umhüllen ein bronzefarbenes Gefäß mit Blumen und Blättern

Blue Grapes Boskoops Glory - Vitis vinifera 'Boskoop Glory' (Vitaceae)