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Watercolor tattoo artist

Unleash Your Creativity With These Watercolor Tattoo Ideas

Last euch inspirieren von den schönen Farbverläufen, minimalistische designs , das Spiel der Farben... puristisch und zum träumen

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30 Brush-Stroke Tattoos

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Phönix - Aquarell Tattoo

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60+ Mysterious Raven Tattoos

For a fashionable woman, what about when she loves both fashion and black raven, purple is the perfect color as a compromise. Watercolor style creates stylish effect, perfectly fit to women.

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Tatouage aquarelle par Javi Wolf 58

Also really like the way these birds are outlined and created with a little bit of white! Not interested in having a colored feather. :)

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Watercolor Tattoos - MyTattooLand

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Watercolor Lion, for a tattoo. Artist: Deborah Deh Soares. Studio Lotus Tattoo, Campinas - SP, Brazil.\studiolotustatuagem.

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Watercolor Watercolor & Tattoos of Julia dumps - Linz tattoo studio

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Ethereal Floral Tattoos Mimic Delicate Watercolor Paintings on Skin

Aro Tattoo, aka @tattooist_silo, creates exquisite works of art onto the skin of her clients. Focusing on floral arrangements, the Korean tattooist uses soft pink, red, and blue ink to mimic the colors you’d find in a beautiful sunset. They offer an alternative stylistic approach to tattooing–rather than outlining subjects in a solid dark outline, …

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