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Canning Like a Pro in 4 Easy Steps | Beginners Guide to Food Storage Ideas and Self-Sufficiency by Survival Life at


water jug via milk jug by piercing holes in top lid

Schwimmteich Typ Single | Manzke Landschaftsplanung


Image showing a Natural Drainage System (NDS) applied to a streetscape in the USA.


Ferienspaß - Wasserrutsche

Wasser marsch! Ferienspaß mit einer Wasserrutsche im eigenem Garten mit nur wenigen Materialien. Ein einfaches schnelles DiY Tutorial für heiße Tage und Wasserratten


Sunleaves Super Starter Cloner, 12 Site by Sunleaves. $65.00. The Sunleaves Super Starter Cloner is a basic 12-site cloning system. It includes a six-gallon reservoir, lid with access plug, 2" net pots, 2" Super Starter Inserts, submersible water pump and a misting manifold. The system is reusable for multiple propagation cycles.

Create a mason jar terrarium. Place small plant(s) on 1" of potting soil. Spritz with water and put the lid on to #ClassicoMakeItYourOwn Courtesy of Gardening Channel


Watering – among the most necessary and rewarding of garden tasks. Who hasn’t spent a moment quietly in the yard in the early evening, watering can in hand, admiring the day’s work and the promise of new growth. Here, at the cusp of spring, we’ve found some new watering favorites- elevated essentials that will bring a touch of design and style to the upcoming planting season.