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I went to warped tour 2014 and of mice & men made a giant mosh pit and circle pit . Lets see how they last in there .;)


Vans Warped Tour Survival Guide by Warped Tour This is perfect!

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What To Bring To Warped Tour

What To Bring To Warped Tour by xcutemonsterx on Polyvore featuring polyvore, fashion, style, Odeme, M-Clip, Burt's Bees, Secret, Kiss My Face, Dot & Bo, Nuuna, Sharpie, women's clothing, women's fashion, women, female, woman, misses and juniors

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Lol. Umm I don't understand. >_< ik ALOT of ppl don't like them but why?. They suck or smthg? <<< The lead singer raped a fan. That's why everyone hates them, good reason, too.<<if justin beiber did that he'd still be considered a god

I wish Bryan was talking about me right there. I wanna go to Warped

Now only if I could carry a tune or play an instrument. Maybe I will just man the booth for any band in need :)