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The Big Lebowski von den Coen Brüdern: "Ich bin nicht Mr. Lebowski, Sie sind Mr. Lebowski. Ich bin der Dude. Und so sollten Sie mich auch nennen, ist das klar? Entweder so oder Seine Dudeheit oder Duder oder auch El Duderino, falls Ihnen das mit den Kurznamen nicht so liegt."


I'd like to say this is my favorite character in The Big Lebowski, but every single character is my favorite if that's possible. This movie is awesome, a must watch!

John Goodman "If you want to make a marriage work, you gotta forget about the things that nine times outta ten are not that important." "Giving up a lot of yourself isn't really that hard when you realize that you get more than you give up."

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‘The Big Lebowski’ facts the dude would abide by (31 Photos)

#Film The Big Lebowski / Directed by Joel Coen and Ethan Coen