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not to mention straight? The secret is in the soil! If you are wanting to grow some carrots of your own, check out my tips on how to grow carrots better

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Learn how to plant and grow carrots – DIY tutorial -

Learn how to plant and grow carrots – DIY tutorial

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How to Grow Carrots, A Backyard Gardening Guide

Growing carrots in the garden doesn’t have to be hard. This gardening guide is everything you’ll need to know for how to grow carrots in your own garden. You can start them from seed, grown them in raised beds or in containers. You just need the right soil for the plants. There're even suggestions on how to preserve your carrot harvest for later use. I didn’t realize why carrots can split but now I know.

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6 Awesome Tips for Growing Carrots

6 Awesome Tips for Growing Carrots in Your Garden - Growing carrots is pretty easy if you know what to do. These gardening tips will help you grow a great crop of your own!


Growing carrots in containers: Fill with peat, make drills, sprinkle seed, cover and water, thin out to 1" spacing when 2" tall then grow on and harvest. Min 10 plants per person


Pastinak (Pastinaca sativa), Illustration "Der #Pastinak (Pastinaca sativa), auch die Pastinake, ist eine Pflanzenart aus der Gattung der Pastinaken (Pastinaca) in der Familie der Doldenblütler (Apiaceae). Als Wildform gilt Pastinaca sativa subsp. sativa var. pratensis (Wiesen-Pastinak); die Kulturform Gemüse-Pastinak wird als Pastinaca sativa subsp. sativa var. sativa bezeichnet."

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Tips for Growing Carrots this Fall

Tips for growing carrots this fall - from