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Vision board: the fun way to achieve your goals

How to make a great vision board to help you set life improvement goals and actually achieve them! A simple, free DIY tool that is fun to make.


How to Create an Effective & Inspiring Vision Board

What if you could look at a picture of your dream life and in an instant it became your reality? That's exactly what a vision board can do! Here are some tips to make a truly effective and inspiring vision board that will be sure to change your life.


How to Create a Vision Board that Works - Vision Board Notebooks Too!

A vision board is a key tool to make the law of attraction work. But did you know that there are key tricks to make a vision board more powerful? Click here to learn how to create a vision board that works with this step-by-step guide.


9 steps for creating a vision board that actually works

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9 steps for creating a vision board that actually works

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Tips for making a vision board and how to host a vision board party.

How To Create A Vision Board

How To Create A Vision Board That Will Change Your Life

So are you ready for the party tomorrow night? I just finished filming the Vision Board Party video for the Late Night Crafty Club and I am so excited for you to watch it. I build my 2017 Goals board step by step, and I also share my different formats of building vision pages in my planners (with sneak peeks of my Reset Your Life planner) and share my vision books, the most powerful tool I have used for weight loss/fitness. Yes, I get personal and share some of my private thoughts and ideas…


Creating a Portable Vision Board

How I created a portable vision board in a DIY accordion book format for taking with me or displaying (it stands up on its own). The perfect vision board!

Vision Boards 101

Vision Boards 101 vi·sion board ˈvi-zhənˈbȯrd noun : a visual representation of your goals, dreams, and ideal life. : see also-“dream board” or “inspiration board" How to create a vision board:...