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Viktoria Luise

Zeppelin Watch Viktoria Luise Lady #bezel-fixed #bracelet-strap-gold…

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ZEPPELIN Viktoria Luise watch Ladies Swiss quartz R/Gold case Silver dial 7331-5

Zeppelin 7331M-5 Viktoria Luise Lady

ZEPPELIN Viktoria Luise Ladies watch Swiss quartz Silver dial Gold case 7333-5

The diamond and natural pearl tiara of Furstin Pauline zu Furstenberg, shown on the left of the photo is designed as a series of eleven diamond motifs, topped with a natural pear-shaped pearl; with smaller diamond spacers, also topped with pear-shaped pearls.


Prinzessin Viktoria Luise and brother Prinz August Wilhelm (yes, the UNfamous Awie) with some of their dachshund. Mids 1900s. Im impressed to see a good image of August Wilhelm with a soft and tender smile and actually.looking handsome!

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The Prussian or Hellenic Tiara

The Prussian or Hellenic Tiara. This tiara, probably best known for being the wedding tiara of both Queen Sofía and the Princess of Asturias, is one of the most used pieces of their collection. It is known as the Prussian (due to its origins) or the Hellenic tiara (for the classical Greek design). The diadem was a wedding present for Princess Viktoria Luise of Prussia from her father, Kaiser Wilhelm II. It was made by the Imperial jeweller Koch, in platinum and diamonds.


Le diadème prussien - Entièrement serti de diamants, il a toujours été transmis comme cadeau de mariage... En 1913, quand l'empereur Wilhelm II d'Allemagne l'offre à sa fille, la princesse Viktoria Luise de Prusse, lors de son mariage avec le prince Ernst August de Hanovre. En 1938, la princesse Frederika de Hanovre le reçoit en cadeau lors de son mariage avec le roi Paul 1er de Grèce, puis l'offre à son tour à la princesse Sofia de Grèce en 1962 lors de son union avec l'infant d'Espagne