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Viking Saga

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NORTHMEN: A VIKING SAGA - International Teaser Trailer

You've got to check out this teaser trailer for an incredibly cool-looking film called Northmen: A Viking Saga. This trailer definitely got me pumped up to see this! I love the end of the trailer because it features one viking after another yelling at the top of their lungs! It may be a bit silly, but it's still kind of badass. I love the history of the vikings, so I'm very interested in this film. Here's a description of the story that the movie will tell: A band of Vikings are stranded…


fantasyartwatch: “ Viking Repose by Seb Mckinnon ”

Fire & Axe: A Viking Saga by Lamin Martin


I have no idea how long I'll last. 10 minutes or go on to fight longer days. But here is my philosophy: GO DOWN PROUD IF YOU MUST FALL. BETTER TO STAND AND FIGHT THAN TO LIVE OUT YOUR LAST DAYS ON YOUR KNEES.


viking carving Wikinger Schnitzerei und Möbel.Mein zweiter Thron. Er besteht aus 10 Steckteilen, ist leicht zu Tranportieren und man kann ihn mit wenigen Handgriffen ohne Werkzeug zusammen bauen. Diesen Thron gibt es nur einmal. Wie alle meine Throne und Steckbänke.


Photos from the exhibition "The Vikings and bolts: North Saga," which opened in Minsk on 02.10.2015 in the Museum of the First Congress of the RSDLP.