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These 32 Rooms May Seem Normal At First... Til You Find Their Hidden Secrets. Then They're GENIUS.

I totally want one of these rooms...preferably with a window, so we can get out. This would be an amazing hiding place for a panic room!


Closet Bed

To all the people that lay awake at night after a scary movie hoping someone doesn't break in and find them. Just close your closet. They'll never look there :) Also, awesome study space

von Nick Cardenas

What’s The Deal With Safe Rooms/Panic Rooms??

panic room

Basement hidden room. In MN. I would totally use this is a survival/panic room. Maybe have several hidden entrances to it around the house. Stock it with survival supplies like bottled water, shot guns, non-perishable food, first aid kit.


A hidden staircase behind a secret door: every home library should have one of these! I would do it with real books on the door, though.

von Babble

25 Amazing Secret Passageways Built into Homes