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True... why I hate people promising things there not gonna keep and when they break it I guess form a...hatred for them mainly because someone once promised me that well always be together but where is he now when I most need him and when im most broken


Now I feel like a bad person for not seeing the friendship and loyalty behind half-torn sheets of toilet paper....


# Rhaegar Targaryen - Game of Thrones Fan Art (37712020) - Fanpop


I literally screamed, I freaking love LOTR! I love Sam so much, he is my absolute favorite character!

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18 Fotos fofas de crianças brincando com seus gatos

Let’s take a look at one of the mind’s most noteworthy features: its ability to…

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Amazing images of wolves as they were seen by the couple who lived in a ten for SIX YEARS to better observe the wild animals

from my paw to your hand I will love u 4 ever.. and with this hand I will love U 4 ever... an so may your lives B blessed


Loyalty is a two-way street. If I’m asking for it from you, then you’re getting it from me


Ginny and Neville. It's so cute because Ginny is so young and Neville is kind of awkward in a sweet way