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Eines meiner Lieblingshochzeitsbilder :D its an ONDRO classic! Japanisches Brautpaar auf Bali beim Tanah Lot Wassertempel während der Ebbe kann man zu Fuß zum Tempel laufen und sich von den Mönchen dort Segnen lassen! Fantastische Aussicht inklusive hehe #hochzeitsfotograf #hochzeit #hochzeitsfotografie #hochzeitsplaner #braut #braut2017 #hochzeit2017 #heiraten #destinationwedding #hochzeitsreportage #hochzeitsfoto #hochzeitsfrisur #hochzeitsfotos #hochzeitstorte #brautkleid #brautmakeup…

Tatsuya Tanakas Miniature Calendar lässt Alltagsgegenstände zu Landschaften, Häusern oder anderen Objekten in einer fremden Dimension werden.


Lovely Fanned Paper Page..,

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Top 20 Amazing Natural Wonders - Unbelievable Attractions



Vive le Color! Japan (Coloring Book): Color in; de-Stress (72 Tear-Out Pages) von Marabout


Japanese Macaque or Snow Monkey (Macaca Fuscata) Baby Playing with Snowball, Japan

Many researchers in the Japanese forested mountains have also documented an unusual activity of the Japanese macaques. The animals know how to make tiny snowballs in their hands, using their opposable thumbs, and then roll them along the ground to create larger snowballs, much like human children do. While this behavior doesn't appear to have survival purpose, whole troops of Japanese macaques engage in the activity as a social process. Primate Cultural Behavior in Monkeys


Tokyo Tower, Japan 東京タワーI'll never forget the first time i got in Tokyo about 2 years ago. The night view of this place is amazing and I had the oportunity to be very close to this building. This is exactly the same view I had from my room! It's like if my eyes've taken this photo!


~ Japanische Maler ~


Cherry Tree, Kyoto, Japan photo via jim

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