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In response to requests from library users, Joanna Sorensen will teach a one-hour class for parents on behavior and discipline at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 25 at Prendergast Library

"Three-Year-Olds and Hitting" from the Confessions of a Montessori Mom blog.

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Child Discipline That Works

You need not fear that balanced discipline will damage your children or cause them to resent you later in life. When lovingly administered, discipline will help your children learn to accept correction humbly—a skill they will need even as adults.—Hebrews 12:11

Elizabeth Pantley, Author, The No-Cry Solution book series | Transcript:This video is about: toddler behavior, normal childhood behavior, reasons for tantrums, causes of tantrums, avoiding tantrums, changing activities, 5 minute warning, talking to young children, cooperation, meltdowns

For toddlers (and everyone!) learning from bad behavior is the best way to prevent missteps in the future.

When your toddler is mastering a new milestone in one area (like walking), it may be coupled by a healthy dose of toddler regression in another area (like sleeping). Here's what you can do when developmental milestones impact behavior.

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