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"That had not been a healthy sounding scream." Expression, hand, fear, powerful, intense, portrait, photo b/w.

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Mina... 0.0 || but what?? Cinderella? Or what about my Peter Pan story line? Or…

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If you're scared, just be scarier than whatever is scaring you..." Thumper

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Mindbending. ..

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Und sie träumte.

Hello there! I'm Winter, Daughter of Jelsa (Jack and Elsa). I am kind, smart, loyal, but very protective. I can be sarcastic sometimes, and mischievous, I promise I am good at heart. I inherited my parents ice magic, and try my best to use for good occasions (maybe a little bit of fun). If you ever see me, I'd be in the library, courtyard, or with my best friend, Kristi. Just like her, I am scared to do my story. Of course, I don't which one I would be doing.

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Die perfekte Art,Kindern Obst schmackhaft zu machen!!!

Picdump 19.07.2013

Die perfekte Art,Kindern Obst schmackhaft zu machen!!!

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