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The NAIL-EON UV Nail Polish Manicure Set – 12-piece comprises eight different UV nail polishes as well as various accessories for creating professional nail design. UV polishes are significantly longer-lasting than traditional polishes, and are cured layer-by-layer under a UV light lamp. #nded #naileon #uv #manicureset


Vylet-Nails Premium, UV lak za nohte manikura set - strokovni sklop 10 kos

With the NAIL-EON UV Nail Polish Manicure Set – French Nails, you can create perfect French nails when used correctly. In addition to the UV nail polishes suitable for creating French nail art, the comprehensive set includes accessories such as a NAIL-EON UV lamp, top and base coat and primer. #nded #naileon #nail #polish


pure colors with exciting effects are created with the Vylet-Nails Premium Thermal UV Nail Polish Thermo Pure. When the temperature changes, this gel polish has unusual color changes, making the nail art particularly impressive and extraordinary. #nded #vyletnails #thermopure #purplelilac

14 -Halloween nail art with our Gel Polish varnishes and our LED technique. You will see a painting technique combined with a rhinestone effect. The presented nail art technique is intended for advanced nail designers and also for application in professional nail studios. Beginners can create an easier nail art motif with the same products, of course. Our LED technique in combination with the Gel Polish varnishes is very fast and thus particularly suitable for nail art.


Groupon - UV-Nails LED Lamp and Gel Nail Polish Set. Groupon deal price: $60.99

UV-Nails LED Lamp and Gel Nail Polish Set | Groupon

UV-Nails LED Lamp and Gel Nail Polish Set