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Uranus Planet

Uranus/The 10th house of Career/Reputation/Status Quo/Fathering/Limitations/Discipline. A Capricorn & Saturn governed house. VIRGO/MERCURY live here for me. I have 4 planets here: Sun, Mercury, Uranus, Pluto


Uranus a beautiful planet indeed--7th planet from the Sun. It has the third-largest planetary radius and fourth-largest planetary mass in the Solar System. Uranus is similar in composition to Neptune...both are different chemical composition than the larger gas giants Jupiter and Saturn. For this reason, astronomers sometimes place them in a separate category called "ice giants"...


#NASA The planet, Uranus. Its 27 moons are named after the characters from the works of William Shakespeare and Alexander Pope.


New Infographics - The Solar System series, Uranus! #infographics #telescopeplanet #Uranus


Uranus is the third largest planet in our Solar System. Uranus has nine major rings and 27 known moons. This image, taken by the Hubble Space Telescope in infrared reveals cloud structures not normally visible. Methane gas in the upper atmosphere absorbs red light, giving the planet its blue-green color. Uranus is spinning on its side, probably because of a collision with a large object early in the Solar System's history.


The planet Uranus, seventh planet from the sun, is a giant ball of gas and liquid and was the first planet discovered with a telescope.


Umbriel, another shot of the moon of Uranus

Uranus [Infographic] - everything you always wanted to know about the third largest planet!


Uranus - like Saturn has rings it is also known as the sideways planet, which rolls along its orbit a bit like a wheel., rather than spinning like a top