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ぐにゃーり。 Distortion 京都 宇治上神社 / Ujigami Shrine in Kyoto

JAPANESE SHISHI | for the japanese shishi combines elements of both the korean koma inu ...

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The Honden (本殿) of Ujigami-shrine (宇治上神社) in Uji City, Kyoto! Inside are three inner sanctuaries, within an outer protective building called (Ōiya-覆屋), they are the oldest extant examples of Shrine architecture in Japan.

Japanese Zelkova - keyaki at Ujigami Shrine

Ujigami Shrine, Ujigami Shrine, Uji City, Japan


Shop for buying souvenirs and talismans: You can buy omikuji, which are little papers on which your fortune is written. The omikuji at Uji Kami Jinja are adorned with rabbits. At present the kanji for Uji is 宇治,but at one time the kanji was兎道, which meant ‘rabbit road’. For this reason, both the omikuji and the talismans have something to do with rabbits.