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"Jamie. You're a womaniser. Our brother's a drunk. Me? I'm an imsoniac because my nightmares won't let me sleep. Our parents are.... well I don't know because I don't even know where they are. We all have different ways of dealing with what we are."

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Bad Boy.Good Lips - Silvestrovská Party- Špeciál

Westerosi delegation to England: Zoë Nightshade. Demi-titan daughter of Atlas, Titan of Endurance. Guard of the delegation.


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aye, I'm danielle overly, but if you call me danielle I'll chop of your hand. most people that value their life call me dani, and I'm twenty years old. when this storm took over my life, I didn't hesitate. lived on my own for a while until I found this hellhole of a camp. look, I really don't like people, and I'm not going to try and spare your feelings. in this world, you gotta be on top to survive. I guess people keep me around for my hand to hand combat skills, or maybe they're just…


It's a very wonderful yet difficult thing to be given a lot of really good opportunities and the world is at your fingertips. -Troian Bellisario