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Principles of Animation [Rostrum Camera]


Created by: Nicos Livesey Directed by: Nicos Livesey & Tom Bunker Executive Producer: Harry Hill Producers: Posy Dixon, Dan Keefe, Nicos Livesey Lead 2D Animator: Blanca Martinez De Rituerto 2D Animation: Tom Bunker, Elisa Ciocca, Anne-Lou Erambert, Duncan Gist, Dan Hamman, Nicos Livesey, James Martin, Azusa Nakagawa, Nuno Neves, Joe Sparkes, Joe Sparrow, James Turzynski 3D Animation & Modelling: Luke Howell, Sam Munnings Rostrum Camera Operators: Stefan Iyapah, Michalis Livesey,…

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Fast Film

Fast Film (2003) by Virgil Widrich - Combination of xerography and After Effects techniques.

Sonst nichts / Nothing else was the second animated short film by Volker Schlecht. The production was supported by a post graduation scholarship and a grant of the country Saxony-Anhalt. The film was produced 1999/2000 in Prague at the animation studios Bratri v triku at Barrandov, drawn on paper and photographed under a traditional rostrum camera on 35mm. The division of the screen into two different parts was made possible by a special construction, invented by the camera operator Jan…

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Amazing Stop-Motion Music Video Made Using 920 Colored Pencils

Amazing Stop-Motion Music Video Made Using 920 Colored Pencils. Against the Grain.


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