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Someone needs to make another version of this for the poor wives that are oblivious to the infidelities of their husbands. WHY CHEAT?! Ugh.


Odd thing is...the words I've used are beyond the scope of her vocabulary and I literally saw her get lost in conversation. However, I told her in the most plain English I could, but it still didn't's all about her pain.


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But you didn't get caught because he was too embarrassed by your indiscretions.

There are many forms of cheating. A husband or wife can cheat on their spouse, a taxpayer can cheat on their taxes, and a game player can cheat in order to win. Cheating in any form is wrong, and this behavior shows a lack of good character and morals. Cheating to win, because of temptation, or to try to get ahead in life will only give you temporary success and there is no justification for it.


Some people do it one too many times... Amazingly they refuse to take responsibility for it and act a victim.

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Especially when you cheat on your girlfriend with your WIFE. :)

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cheating is a punk ass escape from dealing with the reality of a relationship.

Cheating is easy, try something more challenging like staying honest and faithful because when you cheat on a girl not only does it destroy her trust in you but also her outlook on love and her peace within herself.


Thats Where Your Heart Is. And it's not my cheating wife anymore. (