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These are all causes of high heart rate a patient that has a heart rate of greater than 90 should be further evaluated! M- Medication- Albuterol Treatments? O- Oxygen Deprivation- What are the patients saturations? Vitals? S- Stress- either anxiety or stress response T- Trauma- Post op? in the ER? P- Pain- What is the patients Pain? T- Thyroid Disorders (Hyper TSH?) D- Dehydration- Assess, labs, Sodium, HCT, underlying cause?

Subdural empyema (SDE) is uncommon, but nonetheless can account for a significant number of intracranial infections.

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Supporting a child with trauma history - essential tips

Trauma history changes everything for a child. It changes their brains…


ACLS Core Skills- IO Insertion! Nurses are often faced with the challenge of starting an IV line in a patient who is dehydrated, has suffered trauma, or is in shock. Even the efforts of the most skilled clinician may fail, while valuable time is lost. Intraosseous access is a rapid, safe, and effective route for delivering fluids and medications, and is recommended by numerous professional and specialty organizations for both pediatric and adult patients.