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Gucci velvet bag - balenciaga boots

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Erich Kempka, Traudl Junge, Christa Schröder, Johanna Wolf, Gerda Christian | eBay

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Hitler-Sekretärin Traudl Junge

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Mussolini on a state visit to Germany - 25.09.1937

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Gertraud "Traudl" Junge (1920-2002) was Adolf Hitler's youngest private secretary from December 1942 to April 1945. After typing out Hitler’s will, she remained in the Berlin Fuhrerbunker until his death. She was arrested in June 1945, imprisoned and interrogated by both the Soviet and the American military. Later, in post-war West Germany, she worked as a secretary.

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Eva Braun on the Berghof terrace with Adolf Hitler in 1937 (usually ID’ed as 1935). Hitler was a restrained person in public and he kept a decided distance between himself and other people. As Traudl Junge said, “he didn’t like to be touched.”

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Obersturmfuhrer SS Hans Junge and Traudl Junge -1943

Hitler’s Last Secretary by Traudl Junge

SS-Obersturmführer Hans Hermann Junge, Traudl Junge (Hitler's secretary) with her Husband

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Until the Final Hour: Hitler's Last Secretary by Traudl Junge,