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Transparentpapier weiß, 146 x 208 mm, 10 Blatt

Transparentpapier weiß, 146 x 208 mm, 10 Blatt € 2,50

The Sky is Forever Rushing by Lyn Ashby. Someone @ the equator on the surface of the Earth is traveling eastward @ the rate of ~1600 km per hr. Our planet & the moon are moving through space around the sun @ a speed of more than 100,000 km per hr. Our whole solar system, w/ all its planets, satellites, comets & attendant debris are wheeling around the center of the Milky Way galaxy @ ~1 million km per hr. We tumble through space, like it or not. Digital prints on transparent paper…


Wesens-Art: Papier-Kirche / Paper Church


christmas crafts


Small Stuff PrintMini - A growing source collection of printable scale minis, from foldable computers to stained glass windows. There's a hobby calculator to convert scales, all are free to print on an inkjet for personal use. #DIY #art #craft

How to Fill a Shape With an Image in Illustrator

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Fairy Wing Designs by Katherine Dewey

Hochzeit Programm Fan Vorlage - druckbare rustikale Hochzeit Ventilator - EDITIERBAR durch SIE im Word - Kalligraphie-Stil - Druck auf Kraft

Hochzeit Programm Fan Vorlage druckbare von HopeStreetPrintables


Family Proclamation LDS pictures.... Super Saturday idea to print on transparent paper to go over family photos