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Traditionelle Japanische Kücheneinrichtung

von Spoon & Tamago

Japanese Traditional Cooking Utensils Turned Into Lighting Fixtures

japanese tofu ladle turned lamp


Flowers for Japanese Tea Ceremony (Chabana). Camellia japonica and Prunus mume. The type of tea used in the well-known the Japanese way of tea Chado is generally matcha, or powdered green tea. For samurai warriors, for whom being prepared to die in battle at any time was part of their code, Chado was the highest form of hospitality. It was also considered a form of hospitality symbolizing the most powerful way to communicate with your guest.

von GetdatGadget

Ganji Kankiri - The Zen-Like Japanese Can Opener

Ganji Kankari is the Japanese can opener that combines innovation with zen simplicity. It is the only can opener you will ever need.

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von Remodelista

Lighting as Sculpture: Installations by a California Artist

Rappaport's wall-mounted designs feature wood stretcher bars, light bulbs, and electrical wire. Contact the James Fuentes Gallery for pricing.


These lamps were inspired by giraffes standing majestically next to Acacia trees

von nendo


nendo w132 / 実験器具のように手軽に仕様を変えられる照明器具 for Wastberg

von AD Magazine

Luminaires design

Suspensions Ceiling (Studio Formafantasma)

von 2Modern Furniture & Lighting

Copper Pendant Light

Etch Web Pendant Light