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Touch Math and a FREE Set of Touch Point Number Posters


touch-math by Kyle via Slideshare


One of the ways we learn to add and subtract in our classroom!! Touch point math! Great visual to teach parents the touch points.

TouchMath: Why It's Great & How You Should Use It

Are you familiar with Touch Math? This visually based approach can be perfect for our learners. It embeds prompting & utilizes the numbers as manipulative themselves! Today we highlight why Touch Math is great for students with Autism on our blog ~ From


Touch Math Money: I like the way that counting money is divided into skip counting units of 5


Touch Math with pom poms. Also has a cute pom pom rainbow. Another idea too young for my kids but great for Pre-K or K!


Touch Point Math worksheet People think I'm crazy when I tell them this is how I learned to add.

School Is a Happy Place: Rockin' Touchmath: A FREE Math Center


Second Grade With The Teacher Wears Prada: Running, Wedding, and Touch Math Money

School Is a Happy Place: Getting to the Point With Touch Math (Plus a FREE Set of Posters)