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Tom Daley Poses As A Sexy Santa

merry christmas to you too.

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Tom Daley and puppies are a lethal combination. Help me

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Tom Daley. let's be honest. he's way too gorgeous for his own good. :) Don't deny it. ;)

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tom daley

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Why am I not in England. They have freaking EVERYONE...Tom, 1D, Olly, Cher, Ed. Im moving there like NOW! :) Whos with me??

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Tom Daley God bless Great Britain

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34 Reasons It's A True Tragedy Tom Daley Isn't Gay

Who ever put the title on this when I found it I agree but people are aloud to do what ever they want when it comes to who they marry ps love you Tom

Tom Daley<---Why are you so adorable?!?!

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Tom Daley Photos Photos: Front Row & Arrivals - Day 2 - LFW September 2016

Tom Daley