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Leonardo-Maske Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle drucken

Leonardo TMHT by HaywireVisions

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Ninja Turtles 2 - Minimalist - Trends International

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TMNT boyfriend scenarios - when he can't take it: Michaelangelo

Welp........ I just died. More

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This is a meme I made. I'm not lying. I researched so hard to get this information.<< THANK YOU.

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5 by on @DeviantArt

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Turtle Power tee <3

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Grumpy Raph and Grumpy Cat by on @deviantART

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Through my Eyes by Hashiree <- I would like them to switch mask in the show, that would be fun!<<<-oh my gosh this is hilarious

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I won't make blanket statements about your fandom...let's just say it is STRONGLY suggested. :cracks knuckles:

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Awww Raph~! Thats so cute!- oh my god! I never thought I would EVER put Raph and cute in the same sentence!!!

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