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Thomas Sangster Maze Runner

17 Reasons Being The Oldest Sibling Is The Goddamn Best

Just do it, Dot it now

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Well at the moment, I'm stuck in an all white room, alone. So I miss the…

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Oh. >>>Too much good looking-ness!!!!!>>>>>> THOMAS SANGSTER IN A TUX OMG IM DEAD!

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The Maze Runner: Newt. Fan art. (W.I.C.K.E.D. COOL!! Pun totally intended.....hehehe. xD)

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Fedor: Eshaem elf (Gaevri'el's and Arkeh's younger brother)

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kim on


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Remus & Sirius This is more how I imagined them looking when I read the book. Andrew Garfield and Ben Barnes

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NEWTyou will always be missed <----- Omy gosh I bloody crying this hurts like the flare, shuck

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When you already have a Newt...and another perfect one appears [The Maze Runner, Fantastic Beasts]

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