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Thomas Neill Cream

Thomas Neill Cream 1850-1892. Serial killer who poisoned his victims(also known as the Lambeth Poisoner), was brought to justice after he tried to frame other people for his crimes. Rumours were rife that his last words as he was being hanged were that he was Jack the Ripper but he was in Newgate Prison at the time of those murders.


Dr. Thomas Neill Cream handwriting


Dr. Thomas Neill Cream. Performed illegal abortions, killing an unknown number of women in the process. Later, he poisoned his mistress's elderly husband with strychnine. Later, he slipped strychnine to 5 London prostitutes. Cream ensured his immortality with his last words: "I am Jack the-" but he was cut off when the trapdoor opened, and he was hanged. However, it's obvious he was lying, since he was in jail during the time of Jack the Ripper's slayings.


Keller On The Loose: Serial Killers: Thomas Neill Cream #serialkillers #truecrime

This is from a great Blog, Murder by Gaslight. Dr Thomas Neill Cream was one of the few men from Chicago suspected of being Jack the Ripper. He was a serial killer, abortionist and poisoner. He had also been convicted in Canada for murder and sentenced to death but was released and quickly moved to the US.

Image 33- "Dr. Thomas Neill Cream killed multiple people by poison in Canada and the U.S. before fleeing to England. From October 1891 to April 1892, Cream killed four female prostitutes via poisoning. When he murdered his last two victims, he didn’t even wait to see them die; he simply poisoned their drinks and left before the strychnine he’d added took effect." Rutherford-Morrison, L (2015)

The preferred murder weapon of London's Lambeth poisoner, aka Dr. Thomas Neill Cream of McGill University.

In Illinois Dr Thomas Neill Cream killed his victim with poison. In 1881 he was sentenced to life in prison however he was released after 10 years. His release did not bring him his freedom. He was brought to England where he was hanged for four other murders. Dr Cream is also believed to have committed murders in Canada and Scotland. Some claim that at his hanging he confessed to be Jack the Ripper however he was in prison when some of the Rippers crimes occured.

Scottish-born Dr. Thomas Neill Cream is often suspected of being the face behind the Jack the Ripper murders, but has he been misrepresented? There’s no doubt he was responsible for several deaths, but does the fact that he spent time in an American prison during the Whitechapel killings let him off the hook, or could he have been otherwise involved in the legendary murders? Beginning with Cream’s early years in Montreal, the author of this fascinating book allows the Doctor himself to…