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Teatro La Fenice

Water Entrance to "La Fenice" Opera House, Venice, Italy. What a dream it would be to pull up to La Fenice in a gondola.


La Fenice Opera House in Venice, province of Venezia , Veneto Italy. A memory of my voice teacher, Emilia Cundari who starred in operatic roles here.


Venice: An Evening at La Fenice Venice's opulent opera house is appropriately named "The Phoenix": it has risen more than once from the flames of a calamitous fire—most recently in 1996. The house was founded in the 18th century, and classic operas like "'Madama Butterfly" and "La Traviata" are still a key part of the repertoire.


Das Teatro La Fenice (italienisch [te'atro la feˈnitʃe]), mit vollem Namen Gran Teatro La Fenice di Venezia, ist das größte und bekannteste Opernhaus in Venedig