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Team Bury

This is awesome,especially when you consider that Clint joined TeamCap without hesitation,without any questions about a dangerous Russian superassassin.Because he knows what's it like to be mind-controlled and brainwashed,so he supports Bucky from the very first moment.Clint Barton,I love you.


Pirate Party Games ... fun treasure hunting game.... each kid/team has to find a list of items that are in their bucket.... feather, penny, ring, etc.... first done gets prize!


Valve being sued by Digital Homicide after cutoff from Steam This morning is just full of surprises. Well maybe just one hilarious surprise. Digital Homicide is a company that when compmared toEA and Square Enix makes them look like model businesses. It has decided that after Valve has completely cut them off from selling its games on Steam that the best course of action was to sue them. For those of you who dont know Digital Homicide is a company that is most famously known for…

Levi & Hanji..idk how I feel about this pairing, just kidding I ship it as hard as I ship Erasa and I ship that so hard!!!!


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