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greek quotes mythology | Apollo


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greek quotes mythology | Artemis


The BANSHEE is a female spirit in Irish mythology , usually seen as a omen of death and a messenger from the underworld . In LEGEND , a Banshee is a fairy women who began to wail if someone is about to die . In Gaelic mythology , she is known as the bean-nighe , and is seen washing the bloodstained clothes or armor of those who about to die.


Artemis -- I love greek mythology and Artemis is wonderful!

Hera, Greek goddess of marriage, womanhood, and childbirth, was also known as queen of the gods. Her name literally means “lady”, which could well be interpreted as “The Lady”, since she was considered the alpha female of all of the Greek goddesses. She was said to be one of the most beautiful - a trait that seems to have been of extremely high importance to the goddesses, but was also one of the most jealous and spiteful of anyone in Greek mythology.