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Tattoo Oberarm Innenseite

I think I am going to get a rendition of this along my spine near a scar I have

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Sanduhren Part 01

I really like the skulls, and I like the clock inside with the roman numerals.

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geometrisches Tattoo mit vielen Details am Oberarm

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30 Tattoo Ideas That Are Simple Yet Seriously Stunning

#heartbeatsandso ♡

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100 Oberarm und Unterarm Tattoo Ideen, welche absolut großartig wirken

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Flower Deer Art Print

something slightly similar under the boobs. deer head on upper abs, antlers wrap under breasts with flowers wrapped around the antlers and a couple of bees flying around

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☽ @kenziegrillette ☾

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On my neck or the inside of my upper arm.

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✨✨ This Disney castle is looking for a home! It's fairly large. full back/side/front lower leg, side thigh, or upper arm only. Perhaps a nice way to start a Disney sleeve? I'm keen to book this in ASAP, so you'll get bargain & get to skip the wait list Please email with your desired placement & availability. Serious enquiries only & I will require a deposit. Thanks y'all #pinkflamingoparlour #thisisnotflash

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