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Valie Export (Austria), "From the Underdog File", Linz, Austria, 1969 | Video:


NWO Depopulation Agenda! Codex Alimentarius Criminalizing Natural Health [Dutch Subs] Dr. Laibow

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TAKSIM GEZI PARK AERIAL / Taksim Gezi Park Havadan Çekim [Part 4]

Footage from the RC drone that was shot down by police [HD] by Jenk K. Tuesday afternoon on June 11th 2013, Police fired bullets at RC controlled flying camera during the protests in Taksim square, Istanbul. Police aimed directly at the camera.Unfortunately the last video was not saved properly on the memory card due to the impact of the bullet. The camera and the helicopter are completely broken.

Neural [Archive] Legacies of Tactical Media - The Tactics of Occupation: From Tompkins Square to Tahrir Eric Kluitenberg Institute of Network Cultures