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Sussex Huhn

Got a couple of these beauties for the farm! Speckled Sussex


The Sussex breed is magnificent as egg layers, able to keep egg production high even through the winter months. They also have quite a following as show birds because of theri easy-going temperament.


Well wee chick, I'll tell you a story of a gate, crossing the road and why all chickens and roosters stay in their collective spaces. You know, their chicken runs and coops.......

These are some of the sweetest hens and oh so beautiful! I’m only familiar with the Speckled Sussex, but the other varieties of Sussex are beautiful too. This is a heavy English heritage breed. They are intelligent and make excellent pets. They love the company of people and will follow you around. They are comfortable as dominant hens, with minimal aggression. A Speckled Sussex hen adds an eye-catching splash to your chicken yard. Good layer of light brown eggs.

von My Pet Chicken Blog

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Cold weather chickens - speckled sussex in the snow

light sussex chicken, definite top choice. Creamiest, large & abundsnt eggs, very docile and love to be held


I have no idea what breed this is, but it's so very pretty! (Can you say that about boys?)