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Sumerian ("native tongue") is the language of ancient Sumer, which was spoken in southern Mesopotamia (modern Iraq) from at least the 4th millennium BC. During the 3rd millennium BC, there developed a very intimate cultural symbiosis between the Sumerians and the Akkadians, which included widespread bilingualism.

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ancient sumerian symbols - Google Search

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Ereshkigal- Sumerian myth: goddess of the dead and ruler of the underworld. She was the only one who could pass judgement and enact laws in her kingdom.

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sumerian alphabet. I'm thinking there must be some way of turning these into a decorative pattern.

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atlantis: the lost empire alphabet. I love this. Atlantis is one of my favorite Disney movies!

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Simbolo de Lilith. The Symbol of Lilith, also known as Innana in the Sumerian Texts.

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Gunslinger Adept by ~django-red on deviantART

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50+ Creative Easter Egg Decoration Ideas

Ostern,Ostereier,Deko,Ideen Zu Tun,Kreative Ostern,Eier,Spitze,Frühling,Noel

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Ki é a deusa suméria da terra. Na mitologia suméria, ela é a filha de Nammu, deusa do mar primordial. Na mitologia babilônica depois, ela é a filha de Anshar e Kishar. Em ambos os casos, ela é a irmã / esposa de Anu, Deus do céu, e minha mãe por ele do Anunnaki, incluindo Enlil, deus do ar. Ki acabou sendo suplantado por Ninhursag como a Grande Mãe. Seu nome significa "terra".

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