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1938 "Männer vom Freikorps" sehr seltene ausdruckstarke Propaganda-Karte mit der Sudetenlandfahrt


In 1931, Hugo Boss was Contracted by Hitler's regime to design and manufacture uniforms for the SS, SA and Hitler Youth.


* Ernst Röhm (L) and Edmund Heines * 1933. Ambos Gays e integrantes das "SA".

Richard Schwarzkopf “Deutsche Passion” (1937)


Shark bite! One of the Tiger Tank of the schwere Panzer-Abteilung 502 is painted with tiger shark’s teeth on the muzzle brake, summer 1943.


Hitler Youth Propaganda Posters | sturmabteilung sa

Edmund Heines (21 July 1897, Munich – 30 June 1934, Stadelheim Prison) was a Nazi Party leader and Ernst Röhm's deputy in the Sturmabteilung or SA.


SA Propagandapostkarte "Hinein in Hitlers Sturm-Abteilung!",


Public SA terror and "Köpenick Week of Blood" in late June 1933 in Berlin: At the head of the march (from left): Köpenick SA Leader Herbert Gehrke, Gauleiter Joseph Goebbels, Gau Inspector Gerhard Schach, Deputy Gauleiter Artur Görlitzer und head of SA-Untergruppe Berlin-Süd, Werner Schwarz; in the middle of the second row: SA Leader August Wilhelm von Preußen.

Alfred Flechtheim: German art dealer, art collector, journalist and publisher. He had modern-art galleries in several German cities and Vienna in the 1920s. In 1933, Sturmabteilung men broke up an auction of Flechtheim's paintings. The Nazis aryanized Flechtheim's gallery, as they would many other Jewish businesses, and turned it over to Flechtheim's business manager, Alex Vömel. Flechtheim fled to Paris and then London, leaving behind his collection of art. He died impoverished in 1937.